About me
My name is Farnaz Rezaei, فرناز رضائی ، a Civil Engineer (in Italy) / Architect (in Iran) / Sworn Translator Italian<> Farsi based in Milan.
What I did & what I can do:
My permanence in Italy made me work on varoius projects:
  • Research & Innovative activities; Green Technologies for Buildings and Business Consulting / Interior Designer:

During my PhD studies, I worked as researcher in department of Building Environment Science & Technology,  of Polytechnic of Milano who focuses its activity on technological research and science as applied to the built environment. Within the construction industry the Department develops projects on different scales; architectural works characterised by eco-friendly systems and components; and infra-structural works executed on the territory in the form of new buildings and interventions on already existing facilities.

- My research is focused on NATURAL VENTILATION; Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) and Passive Cooling Systems of buildings which makes me collaborate with various research institutes in different countries.

-  My workshop experiences are in Earth & Straw Bale Construction: Some different & totally hands-on experineces such as Pisè, Adobe and Bale building, Baling, wiring, plumbing, and plastering on real homes...no 'mock-up' walls there!

  • Interpretation, Translation and Immigration services:

- Member of Certified Sworn Translators and Interpreters of Milan Civil Court.
-  Registered with Professional Roll for Translators and Interpreters, Chamber of Commerce, Milan.
-  AITI member (Italian Translators and Interpreters Association)
- Specialisations are in translation, interpreting, localisation, proof reading, checking third party translations and Italian Immigration Lows.

As a Sworn translator, I worked for the Court of Milan ; GDF; Police Stations and so on...


  • Logistics, Supply Chain and Commercial experience:
I have also more than 8 years full-time experience as Job-Coordinator and middle-manager of commercial dept (middle-east section), logistic and supply chain dept of two International Companies.